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Scalp Strategy: ISO criticisms/feedback

1) Scalping: Profit ~3-5 pips
I feel like I stumbled on something here. Switched to range bars on Forex - best decision ever. With a 24hr market, the bridges and downtime’s are hard to sift through. Yes, with time chart, you can see “not to trade” but range bars continue to capture the market shape even through flat lines. That said, I chose 5 pip for two reason. First, randomness, and second, I am searching for short term strays, so 5 pip interested me. That said, I feel like there is a golden ratio between trading range and range bar choice. For some reason, 5 seems to work with the natural ebb and flow of EUUSD. it SEEMS as if this our rarely only moves 10pips with the trend. In other words, in a noticeable short term trend (using 150 EMA as filter) if you get two consistent range bars, especially with tiny or no wick, a third bar (or more) will typically follow. Even if a retracement does occur, it’s even rarer that it goes above swing high (10 pips).
So rules:
Enter on open of third candle. TP of 5 pips, SL opposite previous bar (not swing high/low for this particular strat, but option if you want to stay in trade). A possible modification (50k lot - half full lot): losing 5 pips with 1k = making 1 pip with 50k so, TP at 3-5 pips with 80%size. Even if price moves back, you net profit. HOWEVER, as it SEEMS the third bar ensues, you have the option to continue to manage a partial position while staying in the overall move and capturing profit of initial momentum.
TL;DR : open on third bar as this pair seems to naturally move more than 10 pips with the trend.
This may work most effectively during active hours of market, but I don’t trade full time so it’s been difficult to test long term.
Would love feedback based on theory or if you’ve seen success failure with similar strats!
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